Streamlining Financial Reporting

Automating Period Close with WinfoBots

An agricultural chemical company primarily engaged in: manufacturing agricultural chemicals, including nitrogenous and phosphoric fertilizer materials; mixed fertilizers; and agricultural and household pest control chemicals, faced challenges in their Oracle ERP system regarding the manual period close process for various sub-ledgers, including Payables, Purchasing, OPM & Inventory, Assets, Receivables, Projects, and General Ledger.

The Challenge

Manually Run - Complex, Error-Prone & Time-Consuming Period Close Process

Delays in Financial Reporting

Increasing Need to Streamline the Period Close across countries with multiple Ledgers, Operating Units, and Inventory Organizations

This company's period close processes were executed manually on a monthly basis, leading to complexity, errors, and delays in financial reporting. With operations spanning multiple countries, ledgers, operating units, and inventory organizations, the process became even more time-consuming and intricate.

The Solution

WinfoBots introduced a Period Close Assistant that automated all manual steps in the Oracle ERP system, resulting in significantly reduced period close time and increased financial reporting accuracy.

A one-time configuration was deployed for all standard and custom concurrent programs and reports, streamlining and standardizing the entire process. WinfoBots also provided a comprehensive audit trail with report outputs saved on SharePoint, facilitating process tracking and issue identification.

Streamlined Period Close Process across Multiple Ledgers

The solution effectively streamlined the period close process across various sub-ledgers, including Payables, Purchasing, OPM & Inventory, Assets, Receivables, Projects, and General Ledger within the Oracle ERP system.

Efficient & Error-Free Period Close Automation

WinfoBots' Intelligent Process Automation solution enabled this company to achieve an error-free period close process with minimal human intervention.

On-Time Financial Reporting for Better Decision Making:

Timely completion of the period close process enabled improved financial reporting and accelerated decision-making processes.

Complete Audit Trail with Reports

WinfoBots' Command Center provided this company with complete visibility of the actions performed by the bots, with closure reports stored in SharePoint.

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Why our clients trust us:


Steps that were automated monthly

By automating over 2,680 monthly tasks, the Shared Services team saved time and could focus on other critical tasks and projects.


Human Hours of Effort Saved

Automation resulted in saving 1247 hours of human effort that were previously dedicated to manual period close tasks, promoting better work-life balance and employee engagement.


Error-Free Period Close for 25 Ledgers

This company achieved an error-free period close for 36 ledgers across all Financial, Inventory, and OPM modules, significantly improving the accuracy of financial reporting.

WinfoBots’ Period Close Assistant automated 2,700 monthly tasks, ensuring error-free period closes for 25 ledgers in Financial, Inventory, and OPM modules. This saved 1,247 hours of manual effort, promoting better work-life balance and allowing staff to focus on critical tasks. Implementation was smooth, requiring minimal business involvement and enabling process optimization.

Summing Up...

WinfoBots’ Period Close Assistant transformed our period close. Error-free reporting, 1247 hours saved monthly, and streamlined processes exceeded our expectations. The audit trail and  reconciliation summaries enhanced accuracy. Implementation was seamless with minimal business involvement. WinfoBots is highly recommended for automating period close.”


Business Process Analyst

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