Transforming Oracle Fusion Update Testing at Orange Romania

Facilitated by WinfoTest

Orange România is a leading broadband Internet service provider and mobile operator in Romania, serving as the country’s largest GSM network operator. Orange Romania implemented Oracle Cloud Applications and faced challenges in testing quarterly updates efficiently.

The Challenge

Time Consuming Manual Testing: Manually testing Oracle Fusion updates was a time-consuming process, impacting productivity.

Low Test Coverage: Limited test coverage resulted in the risk of overlooking potential issues during updates.

Unable to Focus on Business-Critical Activities: The quarterly updates demanded significant attention, diverting resources from business-critical projects.

Oracle provides quarterly updates to its customers, requiring mandatory testing before moving to production. The testing window is short, creating the need for an automated solution. Orange Romania sought to automate the testing of quarterly updates, enabling their team to concentrate on vital projects while expanding test coverage and reducing the risk of ERP disruptions.

The Solution

WinfoTest Automation: Leveraging WinfoTest’s Prebuilt Test Script Library and AI Test Script Automation, Orange Romania automated regression testing and increased test coverage efficiently.

Reduced Risk: WinfoTest’s automated testing reduced the risk of unfunctional processes arising from Oracle Fusion’s quarterly updates.

Pre-Built Test Script Library

The pre-built test library saved time, eliminating the need for test script mapping and maintenance.

Easy Use-Case Creation & Test Execution

WinfoTest facilitated easy execution of test scenarios and the creation of new use cases, organized by release and environment definitions.

Reporting and Test Evidence

Well-organized reporting with details on execution and functionality, along with test evidence, improved testing efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

WinfoTest's user-friendly and intuitive interface proved accessible for non-technical users.

Why our clients trust us:

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Scripts Tested

WinfoTest enabled efficient testing of over 100 scripts during Oracle Fusion updates each quarter.


Oracle Cloud Modules

The solution successfully covered testing for 3 Oracle Cloud Modules.

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Increased Test Coverage

With WinfoTest, Orange Romania achieved an impressive 80% increase in test coverage.

WinfoTest streamlined Oracle’s quarterly update testing for Orange Romania, significantly reducing testing cycles and ensuring bug-free applications for uninterrupted business continuity. Leveraging WinfoTest’s pre-built Test Script repository, Orange Romania experienced heightened productivity, shorter testing cycles, and robust testing of 100+ scripts, along with comprehensive test coverage and successful end-to-end validations.

Summing Up...

“Our collaboration with Winfo helped Orange teams reduce significantly the time spent testing Fusion on each quarterly major update for new functionalities and non-regression tests. This allowed the business and ERP teams to focus on other value-adding activities. WinfoTest proved very stable, easy to use, efficient, and has tremendous potential for utilization on other applications as well.”


Sebastian Toma,

Head of Enterprise Resources Management & Automation Solutions – Orange Romania

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