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The Challenges of Implementing Oracle ERP

We understand that implementing and running an ERP system impacts your entire business. This comes with challenges…

We hear issues like this from customers:

How do I minimize business disruption when migrating to a new Enterprise System?

How do we use the data in our ERP to make better business decisions?

Can I take the opportunity to improve our business processes?

Can we automate repetitive processes?

How do I get the most out of my Oracle Investment?

What about Data Integration and Migration?

Oracle ERP - What we can help with

Lots of companies use Oracle’s E-Business Suite product to run their business and Oracle have made a commitment to support version 12.2 until at least 2034 and as part of this premier support they continue to deliver new features and innovations to EBS customers.
The team at Winfo have a number of years of experience implementing and rolling out Oracle E-Business Suite across the globe. Our focus over the years has been End-to-End Implementation and Systems Integration assignments of Oracle ERP for reputed clients. Winfo offers focussed and extensive Oracle E-Business suite implementation expertise for our clients. Our Consultants have experience encompassing all aspects of the implementation across the functional process areas, including Financials, Projects Suite, Supply Chain, CRM, HCM. 

With Oracle ERP Cloud, you gain the ability to swiftly adapt business models and processes, resulting in cost reduction, enhanced forecasting, and increased innovation.


By harnessing various modules within Oracle ERP Cloud, you can obtain a comprehensive financial overview, enabling you to make informed decisions, align projects with your business strategy, empower your workforce, streamline procurement, and establish a robust supply chain.

Are you ready to take your ERP to the Cloud?


We have helped many clients migrate their legacy E-Business Suite On Premise applications to the cloud. We understand the challenges and have put together a Free assessment to help you understand how “ready” you are to make this move.

There is always the upgrade or implement conundrum. To help clients, we have developed an automated solution that collected data and analysis from an existing R12 environment and does the analysis of fitment to the ERP cloud functionality. This helps with actionable insights and analysis on cloud adoption. 


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Our mission is to be your team of Problem Solvers.
To do this we need to be creative and we need to innovate.
Having worked with clients on countless implementation projects, we understand the challenges first hand and we have built a number of creative solutions – We call them accelerators – that can seriously expedite the return on your ERP investment.
The following accelerators have been engineered specifically FOR Oracle BY Oracle Experts
WinfoTest was built to take the pain out of your Oracle Updates. Many companies using Oracle can feel a little overwhelmed with the frequency of the Oracle Updates and worried about the impact a new customisation or patch may have on the day-to-day operation of the system. With the WinfoTest accelerator you can be Confident that testing is under control, empowered in your role to implement improvements that will positively impact the company’s technology investment and your team’s’ job satisfaction.
Are you bogged down with repetitive monthly tasks? Perhaps your team is challenged to integrate systems that provide the full picture across multiple systems every month-end.
We understand your challenges first-hand and our team has developed a number of Accelerators to automate common processes like Invoice Creation, Month End Close & Sales Order Creation. Rather than starting with a blank sheet start with our accelerator and fine tune from there!
WinfoBots helps you avoid bottlenecks in your business processes that are draining your team’s time and your company’s resources.
Do you sometimes wish you had X-ray vision?
Well now you do thanks to WinfoData.
Our process mining accelerators essentially provide an X-Ray of your business processes.
Every process that is followed within your organisation leaves a digital footstep, WinfoData
monitors these steps in real time showing clearly the was processes are ACTUALLY
followed at your company, not how you WISH they were followed.
What WinfoData does at a glance…
  • Identifies Inefficiencies
  • TroubleShoots the problem
  • Measures the Impact
  • Helps Solve the Problem
Avoid data overload with our Prebuilt Process Mining accelerators specifically designed for Oracle Cloud and e-Business Suite to uncover actionable insights from your Oracle ERP Data

Sometimes you just need a little help to get the job done!


One thing is for sure – Your organisation doesn’t stand still. We get it. Business heads are always fine tuning existing processes or looking for solutions for new requirements.


At Winfo, we understand that your business is unique, and sometimes, a one-size-fits-all software solution just doesn’t cut it.


That’s why our dedicated technical team is here to help you tailor your Oracle e-Business Suite or Oracle Cloud application to fit your specific needs.


Whether you have a business process that doesn’t quite mesh with the standard functionalities or you’re envisioning a new feature that could drive your operations to the next level, our development services team is your partner in turning that vision into reality.


With us, you don’t have to adapt to the software; the software adapts to you.

Implementing Oracle ERP in 12 Weeks

At Winfo we are all about helping you get a return on your Oracle investment and what better way to do that than a swift, efficient implementation.

We have more than 100 successful Oracle implementation projects under our belts so we have had an opportunity to fine tune our implementation methodology to hit the ground running. Here is what our implementation approach looks like…

Winfo provide Questionnaire for each Business Process

Week 0

Application Configuration from inputs, ready for CRP

Week 2-3

Changed System Specifications for UAT configuration

Week 6-8


Week 8-11

Post Production


Week 0-2

Client completes questionnaire & sends to Implementation Team

Week 3-5

Specific Business Requirements for operations.
Data Migration Strategy/Data Extraction

Week 7-8

System Testing

User Acceptance Testing

12nd Week

Why Choose Winfo as your Oracle Partner

Oracle is in our DNA. We know Oracle period.

We also know business – on our team we are privileged to have Accountants, Finance Specialists, Business Process consultants, Supply Chain experts and Human Resource Practitioners. This combination of business, functional and technical expertise has helped us deliver over 100 successful implementations of Oracle On Premise and Cloud applications and continue to help our clients maximise their investment in Oracle through our dedicated Managed Service.

Oracle Expertise

Our Oracle certified experts have delivered multiple complex implementations across industries as diverse as yours.

Oracle Focussed

Flexible Onsite, Onshore and Offshore (fully-owned) models to deliver superior ROI for your Oracle investment.


Exclusive focus on Oracle differentiates us from the Big 5 Systems Integrators and allows us to stay on top of the constant changes with each new Oracle release.

ROI Driven

One-stop shop for your Oracle needs due to deep experience on multiple pillars – from ERP, HCM, EPM, BI, Middleware to Infrastructure across Cloud and On-premises.

ERP Products

Having over 600 years of Oracle experience has its advantages! We understand your challenges first-hand and our team has developed a number of Software products to help you get the most out of your Oracle Implementation and save you time and money! Products like Test Automation, Data Analytics and Robotic Process Automation.

Managed Services

You don’t have to say goodbye to our great team at the end of the implementation. We look forward to partnering with you long term and our ultra-flexible Managed Service plans allow you to shrink and expand your support requirements depending on your internal resourcing and any internal projects you may be working on.

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