Streamlining Operations: How RPA Enhances Oracle ERP Systems


Robotic process automation (RPA) is revolutionizing business. This is  a hot topic among the people who work in technology, operations, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

If you are in this field, you likely are aware that ERP activities are  labour-intensive, taking time away from other, higher-value tasks. You may have also heard how RPA technologies are helping to streamline ERP processes while increasing efficiency and minimizing errors.

With all this as a plus you may still be hesitant to onboard this type of technology for your own business. Perhaps due to lack of time or budget, or perhaps due to uncertainty. Whatever the reason,  let’s help to take away some of the mystique and take a closer look at what it is and how it works.

What is RPA?

RPA makes it easy to reproduce actions quickly and reliably with set automations that run in the background, as if a nearly infallible human were pulling the strings behind the technology. Businesses use RPA to build and deploy products, monitor processes, ease the burdens of repetitive work, and more.

Specifically for complex software suites like Oracle ERP, RPA super-accelerates productivity while ensuring data accuracy and integrity. Let’s look at some specific ways RPA interacts with ERP.

Data Entry and Migration

RPA pushes and pulls data from various sources, combining it into a centralized location to provide a single source of truth. It can also perform data validation checks and handle exceptions as it goes once you provide the instructions.

Invoice Processing

Using an RPA tool, a company can extract data from sources such as emails, scanned documents or electronic forms, and then validate it against the proper purchase orders and receipts. After passing the information over to the Oracle ERP system, RPA will navigate through the interface and input the data into the appropriate fields, including creating new records, updating old ones or initiating an approval workflow. It can also provide system updates to keep your invoice processing moving along smoothly without interruptions.

Purchase Orders

It’s easier to generate purchase orders (POs) with RPA because it can be set to create them as part of the process. Set predefined rules and triggers, then watch RPA work its magic to generate POs automatically as needed.

Reconciliation and Reporting

RPA will reconcile information between systems and generate reports showing key statistics your company can use to refine its operations. Use RPA to compare data, identify discrepancies, and flag exceptions for further review.


Improve your vendor, customer, and employee communications with the help of your friendly RPA solution. Automate emails, notifications, confirmations, reminders, and many other types of everyday business communications. This perhaps isn’t anything new in terms of the automation, but an added bonus to have integrated in one tool and as part of the overall process rather than in a separate CRM system or email provider!

Onboarding and Payroll

Onboard new employees more quickly with RPA. It’s a frictionless solution for handling employee leave requests and schedule changes. Payroll processing is also much faster and easier. Streamline these processes by allowing RPA to manage the details.

Auditing and Compliance

It’s important to choose the right RPA tool that supports auditing and compliance specific to Oracle ERP systems as they often are highly customized and this may leave more room for error. You want to ensure the RPA is designed to manage these specific intricacies to ensure full coverage.

That been said, the complex tasks involved with compliance and auditing are made much simpler with RPA’s help. Schedule regular audits in advance and run tests and scenarios to proactively identify anomalies before they become compliance emergencies. Plus, you’ll build an archive of data to ensure proper approvals and audit trails are always on file.

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The marketplace is full of RPA solutions, but few combine the best features in the marketplace with world-class expertise. This is a key advantage of WinfoBots, which was built FOR Oracle systems BY Oracle experts.

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It was also built with the user in mind so that anyone can navigate the system easily, without  coding knowledge. In short, WinfoBots super-charges RPA and allows companies to get the most out of Oracle ERP systems.

Here are some highlights of WinfoBots’ real-world successes:

  • 79% increase in time savings
  • 73% improvement in efficiency
  • 70% reduction in process duration
  • 69% improvement in productivity
  • More than 1,200 hours of human effort saved per month
  • Error-free closing periods
  • Better work-life balance and employee engagement

Can We Trust RPA to get the job done?

When you see the benefits described above, you may still feel a sense of mistrust or foreboding.

Relax. One of the most important things to remember is that RPA can’t happen without human intervention. Humans set it up. Humans intervene where appropriate. And humans make the approvals to keep the flow moving or make changes.

A good RPA solution welcomes humans into the process and makes it easy to continuously refine the process. When companies introduce RPA thoughtfully, workers are freed from boring tasks and can focus on more analytical and rewarding work.

Ready to take the next step?

Why not download our helpful whitepaper to share with your team on the “Top 5 Business Benefits of Automating your Oracle ERP Processes”.

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About Winfo

Winfo is a global IT solutions company. As a key Oracle partner we provide implementation and support services for Oracle Fusion and E-Business Suite customers. To address a gap in the market we have also developed a number of Accelerators to help clients automate business processes, streamline their testing of patches and updates and developed a data mining accelerator to help get the most out of their ERP data.

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