5 Tips to Improve Your Current Oracle Test Strategy

An inherent challenge with maintaining a modern ERP system like Oracle, is keeping pace with the rapidly-changing tech space. Updates are frequently being made to make these systems more user-friendly and efficient. Help stay on top of these updates by establishing an effective testing strategy using these 5 tips!

What you’ll learn in this guide

Industry Snapshot

A look at the innovations in the ERP Software Industry


Highlights of some of the common challenges our clients face and how they could impact your company.


Find out how Automation is transforming testing processes, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Who is this guide for

“80% of testing at large enterprises is still performed manually, which exposes the company to a risk of business disruption due to inadequate testing strategies.”

Sogeti and HPE report

5 Tips to Improve Your Current Oracle Test Strategy

This comprehensive guide has been structured with best practice advice from our 20+ years of expertise in the Oracle space to help make your testing strategy more efficient, reduce risk and save costs!


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