Cloud Infrastructure and Engineering Services

Engineering your Oracle ERP to Transform your Business

Without a Solid technology foundation for your Oracle ERP, the other stuff just doesn’t work!

Transitioning an ERP system to the Cloud is one of the most significant technological hurdles that businesses encounter today. The benefits are clearly articulated and the concept makes perfect sense but for many companies this migration to the cloud is a significant undertaking – Especially for companies using e-Business suite on an on-premise technology platform.


Or maybe you have moved to a cloud infrastructure but are still not able to report any return from this investment. Then there are companies who need to support their on-premise ERP – like Oracle eBusiness suite. Its business as usual and division process owners continue to request enhancements to the legacy system.


At Winfo, we understand the technology challenges that CIOs and other IT leaders face and have built our Engineering division from the ground up to support everything from Strategy and advice based services to tactical technology solutions.

Common Oracle ERP Technology Challenges…

We understand that implementing and running an ERP system comes with technology challenges…

According to recent research, 94% of CIOs report that they are wasting money in the Cloud

Security concerns and skills shortages are often cited as the top barriers for moving to the Cloud

Current solutions are not scalable and not capable of handling increased complexities from acquisitions or expansion into new markets

Talent Acquisition and Retention is a real challenge and has a direct impact on technical support standards

Infrastructure Modernization is critical to take advantage of new technologies like AI but will Cloud Adoption solve all our problems

IT Budget and Cost Optimization - How to reduce the overall cost of ownership of the ERP system

Strategy First Consulting Services

When technology issues arise, it’s often very tempting to immediately get into problem solving mode. However in our experience it is best to start with a strategy and a plan

Are you ready to take your ERP to the Cloud?


We have helped many clients migrate their legacy E-Business Suite On Premise applications to the cloud. We understand the challenges and have put together a Free assessment to help you understand how “ready” you are to make this move.


Get Free Assessment

Just like a well run vehicle, your ERP system needs a regular check-up and servicing.
We also know that prevention is better than cure so identifying potential issues in advance is much better than dealing with them in an emergency situation.
  • Are business processes running efficiently? 
  • Are you taking advantage of the latest technology enhancements delivered in your quarterly update?
  • Are there any problems lurking that could take down your ERP. 
The more you integrate your ERP into your organisation, the more you rely on it and system outages are just not an option.
The health Assessment is a set of preprogrammed diagnostic tests that we execute on your Oracle ERP and we produce a Health assessment report with our findings.
One of the key considerations is the correct interpretation of the health assessment so our lead architect will provide a straightforward business like assessment of the findings and recommendations on any items needing attention. 
We try to avoid jargon heavy assessments and provide clear guidance that can be easily understood by the business team.  Of course the “deep techy” elements of the assessment will be available for your technical team.

Why Choose Winfo as your Oracle Technology Partner

We can help you:

Strategy first approach. We provide strategic advice on new initiatives and offer a best practice approach based on practical project experience across verticals enabling us to help you align IT Systems with Business Objectives

Leverages a highly skilled global team of technology experts certified across Oracle, Azure and other platforms

Provides Skilled Resources in New Technologies to help fill any gaps in your team’s expertise

As an Oracle Partner, can provide unique insights into Oracle’s development roadmap and can help escalate any issues that needs access to Oracle’s product team

Helps customers stay current on latest Oracle development and proactively recommends new features and functions that will help your business get the most out of your Oracle investment

Ultra flexible Managed Service plans allow you to shrink and expand your support requirements depending on your internal resourcing and any internal projects you may be working on

Significantly reduces the overall cost of ownership of your Oracle system

Engages in proactive maintenance to identify any issues before they have the potential to cause a costly outage of service

Engineering Services

So you have a Strategy and a plan and you just need to get things done…We have you covered with our Engineering services
Winfo boasts a team of Oracle Database experts with a rich history of providing tailored thirdparty Oracle support aligned with our client’s unique requirements.


Your data drives your business forward. We recognize that in today’s world, the reliability of your database servers is paramount. The data you harness is the heartbeat of your organization, and for you to fully tap into your business’s potential, it must flow seamlessly.


Our dedicated professionals have hands-on expertise in various areas, be it onsite, remote, cloud-based, or traditional database management, troubleshooting, performance enhancement, and optimization. Chances are, we’ve previously assisted a client facing similar hurdles as yours, and we’re equipped to help you navigate and overcome tomorrow’s obstacles today.


Specific Skills include:
  • Oracle
  • Exadata
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server

Our Remote DBA service not only manages your database systems but also provides several key benefits that contribute to smoother operations and reduced operational costs:


  • Cost-Efficiency: Eliminates the need to hire, train, and maintain an in-house DBA team, saving on salaries, benefits, and ongoing education.


  • 24/7 Monitoring: Continuous surveillance of your databases to identify issues before they become critical, ensuring high availability and performance.


  • Expertise on Demand: Immediate access to a team of database experts with diverse skills and experience, capable of solving complex issues and optimizing performance.


  • Scalability: Easily scale your database operations up or down based on business needs, without having to worry about staff adjustments.


  • Security: Advanced security protocols and regular updates to protect your data from unauthorized access and cyber threats.


  • Compliance: Helps ensure that your database systems are in line with industry regulations and compliance standards, reducing legal risks.


  • Disaster Recovery: Comprehensive backup and recovery plans to minimize downtime and data loss in case of hardware failure or other calamities.


  • Focus on Core Business: With database management taken care of, your internal team can concentrate on strategic activities and innovation.


  • Performance Tuning: Regular optimization of database performance through tuning, updates, and preventive maintenance.


  • Reporting and Analytics: Detailed reports and insights into your database performance, helping you make informed decisions.


By outsourcing your database management to a Remote DBA service, you can enjoy these advantages while dedicating more time and resources to growing your business.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency are not just buzzwords—they’re necessities.  We have developed our state-of-the art cloud infrastructure services to help you migrate your business to the cloud.


Some of the benefits you can expect:


1.) Seamless Transitions with Oracle Cloud Migration

Don’t let the complexity of moving databases stall your transition to the cloud. We provide hassle-free Oracle Cloud Migration, so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.


2.) Flexibility with Cloud Lift & Shift
Whether you’re working on Oracle, Azure, or AWS platforms—our Lift & Shift services allow for smooth transitions of both Oracle and Non-Oracle Applications. Migrate with ease and confidence as we help you identify the perfect cloud environment for your needs.


3.) Performance Tuning through Database Consolidations and Upgrades

Stop juggling multiple databases and make the shift to streamlined efficiency with our Database Consolidation and Upgradation services. Experience a performance lift and reduce costs as we tailor the cloud to fit you like a glove.


4.) Next-Level Database Management

Experience the reliability and flexibility of AWS RDS & Azure Database Services with PostgreSQL. We provide seamless integration, ensuring your data is always available, secure, and effortlessly scalable.


5.) Fortified Security with Identity Cloud Services

In the digital age, security is paramount. Protect your assets and safeguard your data with our robust Identity Cloud Services. Because your peace of mind is our top priority.


6.) Unparalleled Performance with Exadata Cloud Services

Elevate your cloud experience with Exadata Cloud Services, designed to deliver high performance, elasticity, and advanced configurations for the most demanding applications.


7.) Smarter Workflows with Cloud Automation using DevOps

Streamline your operations and reduce time-to-market with our cutting-edge Cloud Automation solutions. We harness the power of DevOps to bring you faster deployments, efficient scaling, and reliable service.


Don’t get left behind—embrace the cloud and transform the way you do business. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our Cloud Infrastructure Services can elevate your operations to new heights.

In an era of rapid digital transformation, your business applications are the backbone of your operational and strategic success.


That’s why we offer a suite of Oracle Application Services designed to meet every aspect of your enterprise requirements.


Here’s how we can revolutionize your Oracle experience:


1.) Oracle EBS Upgrades
Trust in the expertise of our skilled professionals to flawlessly execute Oracle EBS upgrades, setting you up for long-term success and robust business functionality.


2.) Streamlined Oracle EBS Cloud Migrations
Experience seamless and worry-free Oracle EBS Cloud Migrations across platforms. Our in-depth approach ensures your data and applications transition smoothly to the cloud, positioning your organization for future growth.


3.) Stay Ahead with Continuous Innovation Upgrades
The digital landscape is always evolving; your Oracle EBS should too. Take advantage of our “Continuous Innovation Model” upgrades to keep your applications on the cutting edge of functionality and performance.


4.) Advanced Implementation Features
Whether you require DMZ configurations, TLS protocols, or High Availability setups, we go beyond standard implementation scopes to give you advanced options tailored to your business needs.


5.) Hassle-Free Cross-Platform Migrations
Transition between different platforms effortlessly with our Cross-Platform Migration services, designed to minimize downtime and maximize performance.


6.) Advanced E-Business Suite Integrations
Seamlessly link your Oracle EBS with crucial third-party and Oracle-centric solutions like Oracle SSO, SOA, ECC, OBIEE, GRCC, SSOGen, Ping, OneSource, Vertex, and KBACE. We ensure a unified and efficient ecosystem for your business.


7.) Oracle APEX Development
Maximize your application development and deployment capabilities with our Oracle Apex development, providing rapid and secure solutions for your enterprise needs.


8.) Oracle FMW Implementations and Upgrades
Stay ahead in the middleware game with comprehensive Oracle FMW Implementation and Upgrades. Our expertise covers Oracle SOA, IDM (OAM, OID/OUD, OIF), BI, GRCC, ECC, and Web Center to offer you the best in adaptability and operational efficiency.


9.) Robust Middleware Support Services
Ensure that your middleware always operates at its peak with our Oracle Middleware Support Services, covering monitoring, patching, cloning, and backups.


Unlock the full potential of Oracle for your enterprise. Reach out to us today and discover how our Oracle Application Services can streamline your operations, reduce your costs, and set you up for scalable growth.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, speed, agility, and automation are more than conveniences—they’re necessities.


Our specialized DevOps services amplify your Oracle applications by streamlining your development-to-deployment pipeline, reducing time-to-market, and enhancing operational efficiencies. Through automated code testing, continuous integration, and robust monitoring, we ensure that your Oracle systems are resilient, scalable, and perform at peak levels. Our DevOps services are tailored to integrate seamlessly with Oracle EBS, FMW, and Apex, providing you with a unified, automated, and error-free IT ecosystem.


The end result?


Reduced costs, increased reliability, and the agile infrastructure you need to stay ahead of the competition. Transform your Oracle operations with the power of DevOps—because when it comes to business, every second counts.


Revolutionize Your Oracle Operations with Our DevOps Tools Capability Matrix

Navigating the complexities of Oracle Applications? Transform the way you manage your IT ecosystem with our comprehensive DevOps Tools Capability Matrix, custom-designed for Oracle environments. Our approach doesn’t just streamline your operations; it fine-tunes them for unmatched performance across four critical dimensions:


1) Monitor and Learn
Knowledge is power when you’re equipped with advanced feedback tools like Splunk, Grafana, and Elasticsearch. Coupled with monitoring essentials like Prometheus, we ensure real-time insights into your Oracle systems. Stay ahead by continuously learning from your operations.


2) Plan and Track
Move beyond mere task management to strategic planning with tools like JIRA and STORM. Track progress, anticipate bottlenecks, and align your Oracle development activities with your business objectives for a truly agile approach.


3) Develop and Test
Source code management is made effortless with versioning tools like Git. Amplify code quality and maintainability with build verification solutions like SonarQube. When you’re using Oracle applications, our ‘Develop and Test’ phase assures that what gets built is robust and ready for the enterprise arena.


4) Release Management
Achieve flawless releases with automation tools that ensure every Oracle deployment is efficient and error-free. With Cucumber for automated functional tests, and an arsenal of tools like Mongo, Rundeck, Swagger, and Protractor for regression testing, we make sure your Oracle applications are market-ready. The backbone of it all? Jenkins, our go-to for orchestrating the entire release pipeline.


Revolutionize your Oracle systems with a DevOps framework that brings together the best tools and practices for unprecedented operational excellence. Because in today’s competitive landscape, the right tools aren’t just an advantage—they’re a necessity.

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