Test Automation Software to take the pain out of your Oracle Updates

Engineered specifically FOR Oracle

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Overwhelmed with Oracle patches and Updates?

Constantly Worried About

1. The potential for major business disruptions by bugs not caught during testing

2. Short testing windows that put pressure on your team

3. Updating your test script library, so it reflects your current processes
4. Keeping your staff motivated as they execute endless manual test scripts

5. Constantly pulling resources away from core activities to focus on testing

Take back control of your Testing

With our WinfoTest Automation Solution you get:

Peace of mind that your day-to-day processes will continue to work post upgrade

A “No Code” solution that enables you to test all your processes

An extensive pre-loaded Test Script library that saves a ton of time

To save Valuable time and resources which ends up saving you money

To repurpose the team to do higher value work

To future proof your ERP investment with AI that self-learns and scripts that “self-heal”

WinfoTest Solution was created specifically FOR Oracle BY Oracle Experts

What our Customers are saying…

“We could clearly see from the Demo that WinfoTest was easy and fast to install. The scripts are updated for the upgraded features every quarter so we didn’t have to put in that additional effort every 90 days.”

— Swapna Pallapinti – Director of IT, Arlo

“Generally speaking, a big challenge with most automated test tools is the quality and quantity of test scripts. What I really liked about the WinfoTest tool was the clear commitment from the Winfo team to keep scripts up to date for future releases.”

— Lawrence Vesey – Partner at Sia Partners

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How do I transition from…

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the frequency of the Oracle  Updates and worried about the impact a new customisation or patch may have on the day-to-day operation of the system

Confident that testing is under control, empowered in your role to implement improvements that will positively impact the company’s technology investment and your team’s’ job satisfaction.

Having overall responsibility for the Oracle application software installed at your company, you want to ensure that quarterly upgrades are thoroughly tested, and bugs are caught and reported. The challenge for customers using Oracle Cloud or E-Business Suite applications is having no control over the quarterly upgrades and patches released by the vendor. Unlike updates to your iPhone where you can CHOOSE to install the latest IOS update, with Oracle you have no choice and you must accept the update…

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