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Mobile Services

Winfo offers end to end mobile development services. We have unparalleled expertise in any mobile platform that is required for your organisation:

There is growing demand for porting the applications to multiple platforms. We have experience in porting applications from Android to different Platforms. We have developed device drivers for Android and Windows applications and our teams have skills to develop device drivers for all platforms.

The typical end to end mobile solutions would require deep expertise in platform, application, device, integration, security and analytics

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Mobile Development Tools

We have the below skills required for end to end mobile development:

  • Development of applications across platforms including cross platform development
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) development
  • Device drivers to enhance the functionality of the devices
  • Performance tuning and memory optimisation services
    • Server slide development skills:
    • J2EE application
    • .NET Application
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Hosting and managing mobile applications on the Cloud (Amazon, Oracle, Azure, etc)
    • Integration of mobile applications with any third party applications