Managed Services

Reduce enterprise cost by embracing IT Managed Services.

IT Managed Services offerings through Cloud Hosting, Application Management, Performance Monitoring, IT Planning and Consulting and Help Desk Support ensure that all IT needs of an organization are adequately addressed by experts.

Managed Services

Managed Services allows the client teams to focus on business growth while reducing the overall maintenance costs of the IT solution footprint. We have proven processes to transition from project team to support teams and ensure BAU is not compromised. Winfo Technology Center of Excellence will provide the global services during the required supported business hours.

Winfo offers a wide range of managed services with flexible engagement model that works for your client organisation whether it be a SLA based approach, extended technical support, haddock expert support services to compliment client team’sin-house expertise.

We provide high quality service by deploying the right experience and expertise to manage your IT applications efficiently to run your business successfully.

We provide the following professional services on Oracle Cloud

  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • Application Management Services
  • Monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance
  • 24X7 Service Desk
  • Change Management process

Cloud Hosting Services

Winfo will help customers for hosting their applications on the third party cloud service providers like AWS, Oracle etc. and manage the environments both for production and non-production.We also provide hosting services for haddock project environments to support the project delivery.

Winfo recognises that certain businesses and organisations require tailored applications and products to cater their unique business needs. The team at Winfo will provide end to end development services for such needs.

Application Management Services

Winfo team understand the importance of business continuity. The team will provide end to end support for the client’s business critical applications including business and technology.


Monitoring tools are deployed on the client applications for all the key errors and exceptions both on the technology and business front. The team of experts will monitor and prevent disruption to the business on a day to day basis.

Proactive Maintenance

The team at Winfo understand the maintenance needs for your applications. The critical patches provided by the software vendors are identified and deployed on a regular basis to avoid any potential threats to the business applications being supported.

24X7 Service Desk

Winfo offers its clients a dedicated 24X7 service desk to ensure support is available at any given point. A dedicated service manager who acts as a single point of contact will be assigned to each customer

Change Management Process

Winfo will follow industry recognised practices aligned to service management to provide end to end solutions to meet demanding client needs.

We offers a wide range of managed services with flexible engagement model whether it be a SLA based approach, extended technical support, ad hoc expert support services to compliment in-house expertise

Provide Skilled Resources-min

Provide Skilled Resources

Finding and Hiring-min

Finding and Hiring Resources with the Right Experience

Provide greater flexibility-min

Provide greater flexibility

Assured Quality of service-min

Assured Quality of service

Sustaining-Cost-Efficient Solutions-min

Sustaining Cost-Efficient Solutions

Managed Services Key Benefits



Increased Business Efficiency-min

Increased Business Efficiency

Reduced Operational Costs-min

Reduced Operational Costs

Increased Profits-min

Increased Profits

Compliance to Standards-min

Compliance to Standards


Technology offerings in leading Cloud and ERP ecosystems

Winfo Solutions blends progressive approach with speed and agility to minimise the challenges being faced while managing information on Cloud technology. In order to accomplish this, we have been offering the following set of IT managed services. Not to mention, skilled IT professionals and modern IT tools play a crucial role in delivering specified results:

Cloud Hosting:
Winfo has been helping organisations to host their applications on third party cloud servers at a fixed fee. Depending upon the requirements of application functionalities, hosting strategy for cloud deployment is formulated and implemented for both local and international clients.

Application Management:
Application-based businesses face losses if their business application remains down even for a few minutes. Our team will provide an end-to-end application maintenance along with support services so that no disruption could harm the smooth working of your business.

Performance Monitoring:
With Winfo by your side, you need not fret upon performance metrics as our experts will take care of maintenance and security issues. Our team will shoulder complete responsibility of detecting critical issues and fixing it in zero downtime.

IT Planning and Consulting:
The IT team of Winfo Solutions is well-versed with evolving IT environment, and therefore, provides insights on innovative IT technologies and infrastructure that a company should embrace for sustaining in future.

Help Desk Support:
Customer-centric support and services from our 24×7 help desk, manned by experienced and well-trained desk specialists, is always a call away. Currently operated from Noida and …. our round-the-clock help desk appoints at least one service manager to ensure hassle-free services and support to each client.