How to Deliver Best-in-Class Oracle HCM Cloud Upgrades Testing

How to Deliver Best-in-Class Oracle HCM Cloud Upgrades Testing

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About the Webinar

There’s no denying the benefits of Oracle HCM Cloud when it comes to productivity, employee engagement and IT cost savings. But to realise each of those benefits, you need a solid testing regime.

Manual testing comes with its challenges, from the time and effort it takes to run tests, to the unavoidable errors that usually result.

So how can you still reap the rewards of Oracle Cloud without all that risk?

Using automation.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how Arlo, “America’s #1 internet connected camera brand with smart security for home or business” are doing precisely that – automating their testing cycles, rollouts and upgrades in an easy, efficient and low-risk way.

Host Mark Campbell, Strategic Business Advisor at Winfo Solutions, will be joined by Venkata Nori and Hari Sethalapathy of Winfo Solutions and Swapna Pallapinti, Director Business Applications at Arlo, to discuss their top tips and insights on the benefits of automated testing.

They’ll delve into a range of relevant topics, including:

  • How automation gets on with the job quietly and effectively, so you can focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Practical examples of the problems poor testing can cause and how automation can
    solve them.
  • And how you can use the tried and tested Winfo Automated Test Suite (WATS) to
    automate your regression testing for quarterly upgrades.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about the testing challenges you’re facing and get advice from some of the top minds in the sector on how to overcome them.

Whether your business already uses Oracle’s cloud infrastructure, or you’re thinking of exploring it soon, this webinar is one to look after