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Harness the immense benefits of Oracle Cloud to transform, innovate and unlock new opportunities.

Oracle Cloud Services meets all the Cloud computing needs of an enterprise. Cloud Consulting, Cloud Integration, Managing Data, Migrating Workloads, Training Services, Cloud Hosting and Backup / Disaster recovery solutions ensure that all your Cloud management needs are comprehensively addressed.

Oracle Cloud | Winfo Solutions

We bring the right skills, focus, quality and accelerators for Implementations, Enhancements and Upgrades of Oracle ERP Applications (E-Business Suite and ERP Cloud).

Our leadership team comprises of cloud technology experts who understand that business value cannot be achieved through technology alone. Our vision is to help clients adopt technology and industry leading practices to achieve business growth in a collaborative approach.

We are experts at developing cloud strategies. We have helped organisations with answering the upgrade vs. cloud conundrum which delivers optimal business benefits. We have proprietary accelerators that help with cloud assessments and accelerate your cloud journey.

Enterprise Transformation Key Benefits

Secure and Scalable-min

Secure and Scalable

APIs, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS offerings-min

APIs, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS offerings

Both private and public Cloud offerings-min

Both private and public Cloud offerings

99Guaranteed Uptime through Cloud Hosting-min

99% Guaranteed Uptime

Reduced Operational Costs-min

Reduced Operational Costs

Increased Profits-min

Increased Profits

Oracle Cloud

Cloud Integration Services:
Our team is always ready to take up the big challenge of offering Cloud integrating services by integrating apps, API’s, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and deployment of all types of Cloud, be it public, private or hybrid.

Managing Data:
The capability to manage huge database is one factor which sets Oracle Cloud apart from other managed service providers. Move your database to the Cloud server and reduce the complexity of data management.

Migrating Workloads:
Our experienced team will help your business by formulating migrating strategy and determining which kind of workload is best to migrate to the Cloud server.

Training Services:
Our interactive Oracle Cloud training programs aim at providing insights on how to formulate, deploy, manage and migrate different applications on the Oracle Cloud platform.

Cloud Hosting:
Whatever be your core business requirements, Winfo’s Cloud hosting services will keep your data absolutely safe and secure with 99% guaranteed uptime.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:
Because we offer comprehensive Oracle Cloud solutions, we are confident enough to recover every data with our professional disaster recovery services.

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