End to End Automation of Accounts Receivable and Clinical Operations using Oracle E-Business Suite Application

Automation of manual steps in AR’s billing processes to standardize the approach to invoicing across customer and projects to deliver a scalable solution. The solution will also allow the business to grow with minimal increases in operational costs.

End to End Automation of Accounts Receivable and Clinical Operations using Oracle E-Business Suite Application

Client background

Developer of drugs to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries with over 15,000 employees in 94 locations spread across 40 countries. They offer consulting, clinical development, and commercialization services in a broad range of therapeutic areas from a global network of offices.


  • Process improvement to align the practices of stakeholders inside and outside of Finance.
  • Improvements to the Oracle billing solution to automate common billing actions.
  • Using operational data to automate the composition of milestone and unit invoices.
  • Invoices must be approved via manually managed email exchanges between AR and PMs.


  • Oracle Solutions for Milestone and Unit billing to systemize and automate billing process tasks based on operational milestones and be accessible to groups within the organization involved in billing.
  • The solution is an extension within Oracle E-Business Suite and follows the same security model in terms of Validations, SOX Compliance and Data Privacy.
  • The solution included a review of the process and Improvement to standardize study set-up and administration.
  • Time & Motion Study of Account Receivable was carried out to enable capacity planning.
  • An update was done to the Pass-Through Billing Solution to streamline some highly manual tasks.
  • Improvements to Operational Reporting to provide better MI to stakeholders.

Tools & Technologies

a. Oracle Ebusiness Suite – Projects and Receivables
b. OAF technology to create new forms
c. Integration

Key benefits

  • Improvements to clinical operations and project delivery from clearer project set-up process and automated billing processes
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing the FTE required in billing processes
  • Improve DSO by reducing the time between completing work and billing the client.
  • Improve operational efficiency by automating many manual tasks
  • Reduce operating risk by minimizing the scope for errors in billing
  • Improvement to Financial Reporting