Oracle CloudWorld Event

Winfo is a Sponsor @ Oracle CloudWorld Las Vegas USA 18-21 September, 2023 Oracle CloudWorld Event Overview Winfo are delighted to announce that we are a showcase sponsor at Oracle’s CloudWorld Oracle CloudWorld is the largest gathering of the global Oracle community and one of the most prestigious cloud computing events globally. Winfo are looking […]

Top 10 Questions About Testing Automation You’ve Been Afraid to Ask

Testing Automation April 20, 2023 There is a lot of buzz around right now about automated testing in the Enterprise Solutions space and you, no doubt, have been considering whether it’s right for your particular business scenario and whether it will give you the efficiencies you’re looking to achieve by taking it on board.     […]

Why an Automated Testing Solution is the Way Forward for Oracle Cloud Updates

Testing Automation March 3, 2023 Any company using Oracle Cloud applications will be familiar with the quarterly updates that need to be implemented to keep your application up to date.  The primary benefit of these updates is that the software is continually upgraded enabling your company to take advantage of new functionality and improve overall productivity.   […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Current Oracle Test Strategy

An inherent challenge with maintaining a modern ERP system like Oracle, is keeping pace with the rapidly-changing tech space. Updates are frequently being made to make these systems more user-friendly and efficient. Help stay on top of these updates by establishing an effective testing strategy using these 5 tips!

Streamlining Operations: How RPA Enhances Oracle ERP Systems

RPA September 13, 2020 Robotic process automation (RPA) is revolutionizing business. This is  a hot topic among the people who work in technology, operations, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). If you are in this field, you likely are aware that ERP activities are  labour-intensive, taking time away from other, higher-value tasks. You may have also […]

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