Find out how Arlo reduced testing costs for their Oracle Cloud application by 80%.

Learn how they now complete their test cycle in just two days, how upgrades are now fully tested and bugs are caught early before go-live.

Client background

Arlo is a global technology giant in wireless surveillance cameras, doorbells & smart lighting. Like many companies using Oracle Cloud Solutions, they were challenged by quarterly updates taking up time and resources.


  • One of our biggest challenges was the amount of time and resources it took to manage the quarterly updates from Oracle.
  • There is a short window in order for us to fully test the upgrades before they go live.
  • It’s difficult to get our business user’s time each quarter to manage the updates for the Oracle HCM Cloud Solution.
  • We need to make sure our Oracle systems remain live and performant.
  • As a global company, we need to test across multiple markets and there just isn’t enough time.


  • We deployed the Winfo Automated Testing Solution to leverage the Test Script Library, Integrated with SharePoint.
  • We were able to add an additional 10% of client specific scripts using the WinfoTest Script Assistant.
  • The test data was prepared one time for all the test scripts saving us from repetitive set up each quarterly upgrade.
  • A report was produced and easily shared to our IT and business teams for signed off ahead of go-live. The report was easy to understand and share with a click of a button.


“We were able to complete the testing cycle in just 2 days, the user experience is intuitive, and the performance is good. It reduced our testing cycle to one and business has to just validate the reports and sign off. The support provided is good to execute everything on time.”

Tools & Technologies

Oracle HCM Cloud Solution

  • Employee Self-service
  • Manager Self-service
  • Administration
  • Talent Management
  • Compensation Management

Key benefits

  • We can now complete testing of our 250 scripts in just 2 days and our testing cycle has been reduced to one.
  • We could ensure that our upgrades are now fully tested and bugs are caught early before go-live.
  • We trust WinfoTest because we know it was engineered specifically for Oracle by Oracle Experts
  • Our business users are able to review the reports and sign off on the testing results with ease.
  • IT and Business users are able to spend more time on their day-to-day activities and we could re-purpose the team to do higher value work.
  • By installing WinfoTest, we saved 80% on time/cost savings with our new testing solution!

In the video below, Swapna Pallapinti, Director of IT at Arlo, describes how easy it was to get up and running with WinfoTest.

Kristine McMahon