Optimize Oracle ERP Operations with AI Powered Process Mining

Introducing WinfoData – Avoid data overload with our Prebuilt Process Mining accelerators specifically designed for Oracle Cloud and e-Business Suite applications

Want to make better sense of your data?

Do you sometimes wish you had X-ray vision?

Well now you do thanks to WinfoData.

Our process mining accelerators essentially provide an X-Ray of your business processes. Every process that is followed within your organisation leaves a digital footstep, WinfoData monitors these steps in real time showing clearly the was processes are ACTUALLY followed at your company, not how you WISH they were followed.

What WinfoData does at a glance…

Identifies Inefficiencies

TroubleShoots the problem

Measures the Impact

Helps Solve the Problem

Automates Processes

Easily perform process mining to help identify bottlenecks in your common processes

There are many factors both internal and external that can affect your Oracle ERP processes. Being able to spot these bottlenecks can help to save your company millions!


Take this scenario on a common Procure-to-Pay process from creating the purchase order down to clearing the invoice.


Create Purchase
order Item
15 days
Vendor create
2 days
Record Goods
16 days
Record Invoice
43 days

Common Challenges in Data Management for Companies of any size

Data can be complex and overwhelming, but powerful when able to define it and analyse it appropriately

Here are some of the common challenges we often hear:

How can I make it so that all my data points talk to one-another and give me a greater sense of the big picture?

Do I need to have a staff of IT specialists in order to implement data analytic solutions and continually adjust and build reports?

How can I spend less time on slicing and dicing the data so that I can get to the real insights, quicker!

Is there a solution that has pre-built lineages for my Oracle systems?

Why Choose Winfo as your Data Analytics Partner

Data is the lifeblood of any successful business, big or small. But let’s face it, not every company has an in-house IT team skilled in advanced data manipulation and reporting.


That’s where Winfo comes in. With WinfoData, we’ve developed a streamlined solution to help you maximize the value of your data. Our expert team is committed to understanding your specific business challenges and delivering tailored solutions that not only solve problems but also drive business growth.


Here’s how we make that happen…

Data Ingestion

Utilizes pre-configured connector to help extract from ERP and legacy applications/platforms with seamless cleansing, transformation, and migration to next-gen environments.

Data Pipeline Automation

Integrates information from multiple source systems into the Data Lake and visualizes the entire data lineage from origin through the transfer path.

Data Wrangling

Allows cleansing, structuring, and enriching of data in raw present in different formats.

Data Science Workbench

Provides a self-service workbench to develop business rules and predictive models (using SQL, Python, R, Pyspark, and others) to generate actionable insights. The developed code and models are version controlled facilitating collaboration and transparency.

Data Store

Supports multiple types of storages (SQL, NoSQL, Cloud PaaS Storages etc.. ).

Data Visualization

Represents key data through graphs, charts, and dashboards to aid decision-making.

What are the benefits of leveraging WinfoData’s solution?

Reduce time-to-insights by up to 50% using built-in data models, KPIs, dashboards and predictive models allowing you to identify issues and address them sooner.

Monetize enterprise data to positively impact business value generation.

Witness up to 40% faster development via an integrated development environment, with prebuilt connectors, functions, workbenches, and centralized administration.

Reduce total cost of ownership by a sizable margin by leveraging Open-Source technology.

Centralize data governance tasks and processes to maintain regulatory/internal compliance.

Flexible deployment methods through containerization on cloud or on-premise.

Empower data analysts and data scientists with end-to-end visibility and version control for smarter collaboration.

Does your company need help with Oracle?

Need help with other areas of your Oracle system

Unleash the power of your Oracle ERP with pre built accelerators from Winfo

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Automate manual processes like P2P with Preconfigured RPA Accelerators

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