Why an Automated Testing Solution is the Way Forward for Oracle Cloud Updates


Any company using Oracle Cloud applications will be familiar with the quarterly updates that need to be implemented to keep your application up to date.  The primary benefit of these updates is that the software is continually upgraded enabling your company to take advantage of new functionality and improve overall productivity.


The downside is that you and your team must implement updates precisely on schedule to stay current with Oracle’s release schedule.


The testing process that keeps you ahead of these updates is usually manual and managing this as part of your test strategy can definitely be stressful, not to mention a potential source of business interruption. Compounding this challenge is the tight timeframe and ever-present danger of missing bugs that could become much bigger problems down the line. Your team is under intense pressure to execute full manual testing scenarios that protect your business and prevent outages. 


Have you ever experienced a major business disruption due to Oracle update challenges? Does the mere possibility swirl in your mind and amp up your stress?

Several years ago, a widely-reported Gartner study found that 98% of companies said their cost of IT downtime ranged from £80,418 to £435,537. More recently, research from the Uptime Institute’s 2022 Outage Analysis Report showed downtime costs have skyrocketed with a 39% increase since 2019. Today, more than 60% of outages cost more than £80,000 per hour, and 15% cost more than £806,550 per hour.

Automated testing could be the solution that prevents worst-case scenarios and solves multiple testing-related challenges for your organisation. Here’s how to take the headaches out of Oracle Cloud updates.

Maintaining Test Scripts

Manually creating and maintaining test scripts is a significant challenge. These scripts often need to be modified on the fly to meet the organisation’s needs and work with the latest software releases from Oracle.

A best-in-class automated testing solution should come with ample preloaded test scripts that make the process much easier. WinfoTest comes with more than 1,000 test scripts designed specifically to work with Oracle Cloud updates.

Involving Key Stakeholders

The testing and updating process is often more successful when additional stakeholders are involved. Although they might not be technically inclined or directly responsible for testing, their organisational knowledge can help the process deliver the best possible results.

Automated testing makes it easier to involve key stakeholders. Test scripts from the library can be located and added with the click of a button and the user-friendly interface makes sense to non-technically minded users. 

Plus, workstream leads can receive comprehensive reports and updates with important details like tests executed, passed, failed, and so forth. This type of testing knowledge further educates them about the process, informing future decisions about timing, budgeting, and more.

Get More Great Tips for Managing Updates!

Our team of Oracle Experts have pulled together some great tips and best practice considerations to improve your Testing Strategy.

Speeding Up the Process

Is your testing process painfully slow? This is a common problem with manual testing, which requires careful development and maintenance of specific scripts plus ongoing troubleshooting as new Oracle updates are released.

With automated testing, the pace accelerates instantly. Test scripts and automated processes speed things up and guide your team through the steps of issue detection and resolution.

Your team will be able to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your testing
  • Increase the speed of each test you run
  • Improve overall testing speed
  • Run more test scenarios with more variety
  • Head off common bugs and testing issues before they happen
  • Meet your organisation’s unique testing needs


Adding Business Efficiency

Automated testing also brings an assortment of other benefits for operational efficiency. Could these benefits help your organisation become more productive?

Because it’s cloud-based, it requires no hardware or software and installation takes place almost instantly. Downtime is minimized because the testing program stays ahead of Oracle’s quarterly upgrades.

This has the added benefit of improving staff morale and removing frustrations from their professional lives. Now they can make better use of their intellectual and functional resources, focusing on improvements rather than being bogged down with monotonous testing.

Automated Testing ROI With WinfoTest

WinfoTest’s automated testing solution was designed specifically to work with Oracle Cloud applications and the latest Oracle products. It also works with Oracle legacy applications like Oracle E-Business Suite.  


Winfo Solutions’ data shows our clients experience 70% cost reductions and 90% risk reductions after WinfoTest implementation. To see how much you could save by switching to WinfoTest, try our ROI Calculator.

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Winfo is a global IT solutions company. As a key Oracle partner we provide implementation and support services for Oracle Fusion and E-Business Suite customers. To address a gap in the market we have also developed a number of Accelerators to help clients automate business processes, streamline their testing of patches and updates and developed a data mining accelerator to help get the most out of their ERP data.

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